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We have been in the business for over fifteen years. All that time we have been wondering: how can the PR business be run on just gut feeling? The data is out there, as are the facts, so what is stopping us to do things differently? That is how Hibou came into being. We want to remove hot air from the world of PR. Let us prove that PR doesn’t stand for ‘probably’ but for ‘precise’


Hibou is a joint venture between entrepreneur Matthijs Rutten and research agency MWM2. The company works with experienced and award-winning professionals in data analysis and public relations. Hibou is a PR agency that always uses social data analysis as a starting point. We accurately research the needs of specific target audiences and develops ready-to-use strategies that will effectively reach and engage your audience.


Sometimes it can be valuable to do dig that little bit further with additional research. Hibou uses the skills of MWM2 to carry out:


  •  Qualitative research
  •  Quantitative research
  •  UX research
  •  Customer panels and communities


This is our team. We aim for the perfect mix of seasoned PR professionals, digital natives and data analysts.


Matthijs Rutten



+31 (0)644961881

In 2010, I co-founded Mediatic, a well-known content marketing agency based in Amsterdam. I realised that a strategic foundation for the advice we gave was lacking. PR agencies tend to base their campaigns and brand positioning strategies on vague assumptions and unsubstantiated claims. The idea to start Hibou originated in response to that: I want to remove the ‘hot air’ from this sector and develop a proven method, based on facts."

Would you like to know what we can do for your organisation? Call or e-mail me."


Aniek Schmal

Data research & Insights Manager


+31 (0)645119367

Social analytics and digital strategies have been my specialisms since 2008. I have witnessed the rise of online word of mouth and the birth of social media influencers. Companies don’t fully realise how much valuable information they can distil from online platforms. Transforming those detailed insights into concrete strategies and actions is what drives me."

If you’d like to know more about the techniques we use and the results we deliver, don’t hesitate to give me a call."


Arnoud Breitbarth MCIPR

Senior PR Consultant, UK & The Netherlands


+44 (0)750 419 2775

Without a good story, there is nothing to tell. That is why I always search for what’s newsworthy. After 15 years as a financial journalist in the Netherlands and the UK for leading Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, I made the switch to PR consultancy in 2014. Now I’m lucky enough to work in both London and Amsterdam. I successfully assisted with the launch of fintech start-ups, investment funds and e-commerce luxury brands throughout Europe. My clients range from institutional investors to government bodies and UHNWIs. I provide them with practical advice, strategic analysis and face-to-face lobbying."

If you would like to know what I can do for you or your organisation, please get in touch."


Benjamin Fledderus

PR Consultant


+31 (0)615154452

After graduating with a BA in Journalism I worked for NPO Radio 1, the news and current affairs channel of the Dutch public broadcaster. I edited and contributed to various agenda-setting news programmes, but now utilise my skills and experience as a former journalist at Hibou. With my help, spreading your message will become significantly easier."

When you call or e-mail me, I can explain what we can do for your organisation."



Dorry Steuten

Data Analyst


During my studies in Corporate Communication and Digital Media at the University of Tilburg I realised that data analysis is essential and valuable in science, but not often used in PR. I was looking for a job that combines data analysis with my passion for digital media. When I came across Hibou, it was an instant match."

Would you like to know how we can support you? Don’t hesitate to contact me."



Romée Steenmeijer

Social Media Consultant


The power of social media intrigues me immensely. During my MA in Persuasive Communication I specialised in all aspects of social media and was in 2016 awarded with “The Best Social Media Award”. I have implemented social media strategies and developed video content for various companies. I get a lot of pleasure from using my creativity to reach our clients’ targets."

I hope I can do that for you as well!"




Edwin van Druten

PR Consultant


+31 (0)622771160

At Hibou I can draw upon my experience as marketeer and editor of the financial research blog Follow the Money. The PR profession sits exactly at the intersection between marketing and journalism. This is where my BA in History also comes into use because that was, as one of my teachers once said, in essence a writing course. Interpreting results is what I do best. Would you like my colleagues and me to start spreading your news? Contact us – we are happy to help."





Chris Oomen

Strategy Consultant


Experience in both the financial and PR sector, gave me broad interests. I prefer to focus on strategy as well as fine details. At Hibou, we believe that the most effective way to reach your target audience is based on data. It is my role as a strategy consultant to connect the worlds of PR and data analysis even more strongly. Do you need an overarching strategy that reaches your target audience?"


Feel free to contact me."




Hannah IJmker

Trainee Data Analyst


During my Communication studies, I developed a love for analysing data. Data is full of secrets! At Hibou, open data analysis forms an integral part of everything we do. It gives me pleasure to uncover new information for clients."


Curious which secrets I can reveal for you from our data? Then get in touch!"




Govert van den Bos


As co-founder and CEO of MWM2 I have always tried to make listening to people and their needs into an art form. In this fast-paced world, marketeers often forget to listen. But by listening carefully and analysing what is being said, you can make better informed choices about the targeted audiences, tone of voice, content and campaigns. That is what Hibou adds to the market. We apply the PR strategy of the future by using data and creating new possibilities."




Hemmo Vriend


In 2003, Govert van den Bos and I started MWM2. We have contributed to an important change in the world of market research: we pioneered the use of online data for market research. We strive to do something similar in the PR sector with Hibou. By intensively using existing data (including social media, but also company data from our clients), Hibou ensures that campaigns become much more effective. Campaigns are not only executed through traditional media, but also on social media, either with or without influencers."