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Hibou spots PR ‘voids’, the underreported topics in the daily stream of content. We find them by analysing social media manually, which results in accurate data on how people express themselves about your market. This data forms the ultimate driver for free publicity, social media campaigns and influencer marketing.

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Throughout the day, your target audience will receive so much information, that your message may easily be missed. Hibou bases PR-strategies on social insights: we listen to the needs of the market and find sweet spots.

Social Insights is the proven method to visualise what is being said about your brand, product and market, and to subsequently translate this into actions and strategic advice. Many organisations don’t realise that a wealth of unprompted data is up for grabs online. Consumers used to share their opinion with the neighbour. Now they talk on social media, blogs, forums and review sites. These peer-to-peer opinions determine improvement to a brand’s reputation, customer loyalty and, ultimately, the decision to purchase a product or service.

Automated messages, spam and bots are rife online. It is important to understand which information is relevant, where it is found and how to interpret it. Scraping, selecting and analysing as much quality data as possible is an art and can only be done with human intelligence. Monitoring tools can trawl the internet, but don’t recognise sarcasm, cynicism and human emotions. Hibou gathers high quality data and discovers (latent) customer needs. We subsequently translate this into tangible insights, recommendations and opportunities for influencing.


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Hibou focusses on topics that are important to your organisation. We look at areas where you want to grow and improve your performance. Through Social Insights, we’ll identify essential opportunities to strengthen your business. We find the topics and angles that are underreported in your market. These will form the foundation of a practical PR strategy that is guaranteed to generate attention. We’ll kickstart your brand and make it dominant in the topics you want to emphasise.

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- Free publicity

Traditional media may suffer from declining audiences, but an article in a newspaper, trade magazine or news platform still signifies a substantial reach and authority. Some things never change. With content in abundance, traditional media have retained their valuable and influential position in the media landscape, which should be taken into account. We have over fifteen years of experience with free publicity in the Netherlands, the UK and the rest of Europe. Our founders and employees have all had extensive careers at various media organisations. Because of this experience we can draw the attention of our wide-ranging network to your message.

- Social campaigns

Free publicity comes with one big disadvantage: it doesn’t bring you into direct contact with clients. Social media offers this possibility. If you combine a pitching round to the press with a social media campaign, you’ll notice that you can hold people’s attention for longer, and more often. Eventually you will get more likes and shares, the traffic to your website will increase and people will start to genuinely talk about you. This is how your visibility will continue to grow. Additionally, Hibou can develop sponsored campaigns, improve your own social media channels and advise you how to optimally utilise those channels.

- Influencer marketing

The medium is the message. The person who says or asserts something is often more important than what they actually say. Hibou collaborates with influencers with a proven similar audience to your target groups. These influencers will have substantial reach, high engagement levels with their followers and authority in their field. This is the ideal way to get targeted audiences familiar with your brand.


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We constantly measure the effect of our campaigns and analyse the impact of your message. When needed, we’ll adjust our approach to make sure we keep reaching your target audience. Afterwards we evaluate the effectiveness of the outlined strategy using open data. This allows us to keep learning. Each subsequent campaign can build upon the strength of the previous ones, making it increasingly clear how to optimally serve and activate your target audience.